conscious parentingYour Hero Journey to Conscious Parenting

15 October 2022

Your zero to hero 🚀 journey is lonely, painful and unpredictable.
You have good days, and bad days. You would like more consistency with the “good days”; more patience; more imagination in the hard moments of parenting; maybe more tools for self-care…

You are not alone. We are in this together, as a community and a support group. The Conscious Parent Accelerator Program is already helping parents like you through its weekly live coaching calls and these trauma-informed modules:


  • Inner child wounds & healing work
  • Self-parenting work
  • Triggers & self-regulation
  • Attachment theory & attachment styles
  • Unconscious beliefs
  • Relationships as mirrors
  • Emotional literacy
  • Map of consciousness
  • Coming back into your body


  • Learning to be present
  • Present moment barometer
  • “As Is”-ness as a way of life
  • Fear & expectations
  • Cultivating daily gratitude


  • The science of connection
  • Tools for connection with your child
  • The neuro-science of emotions
  • Adverse childhood experiences
  • Conscious Co-Parenting for divorced parents & blended families
  • Conscious Creation of your family & life
Go from feeling angry, impatient, confused and exhausted to feeling confident, accomplished, equipped and trauma-informed so that you create an unbreakable lifelong bond with your child based on mutual trust and open communication.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart Mihaela Plugarasu because I have learned to be present, give 1:1 undivided time, compassion and above all, listen, listen, listen. Something very special and that I consider a gift for life is the fact that I can see my triggers and they are vanishing as I understand them – it’s such a blessing not to feel like I did before. This program is so powerful that I can say that for me there will always be a before Mihaela and after Mihaela in my relationship with my daughter, in my relationship with myself and with everyone I love. In just the first 3 weeks I started experiencing results that were beyond my imagination and now I am sure that I have a road ahead, hard work and of course ups and downs but I have the tools and the priceless coaching calls to refresh and address specific situations. This is an investment that will pay off better than any other thing I have invested in so far. I just want to share how grateful I am for this opportunity for me and my family.” (mom, United States)

On a scale from 1-10, I rate this program 20. Although I had been in therapy, the introspection and tools I got from this course to keep growing as a person are going to be with me for years to come. The connection tools (parent-child) and the self-awareness tools were the most impactful. Also the advice for conflictive co-parenting. I am now practicing routinely 1:1 undivided time with my son; discovering my triggers and wounds and what to do about them; the map of consciousness and gratitude exercises… there’s something new every week. I can listen more to my child and be present, and I can connect with him a lot better, which is the whole purpose I think of this. As a result, he is listening to me more, and responding too!” (mom, Argentina)