conscious parentingWords to Use with Your Child + FREE WEBINAR

28 August 2021

Hello, dear conscious parent 💟!

Today I invite you to train your brain into using these words and phrases with your child on a daily basis, until it becomes second nature to you. The undeniable truth is that the way we talk to our children today, it becomes their “inside voice” for life.

Here’s my list (*please print it & post it around the house as reminders):

  •  Thank you for teaching me/showing me ………………………
  •  You are my teacher.
  •  I am so grateful you are my child.
  •  Everyday I am grateful to be your mom/dad.
  •  You inspire me.
  •  Listen to your body and trust what it asks of you.
  •  Tell me what your body needs right now.
  •  May I give you a hug?
  •  I love you (*often and for no reason).
  •  I like you.
  •  Your imagination is limitless.
  •  Your creativity is infinite.
  •  Your opinions are as important as mine or anyone else’s.
  •  Be proud of yourself for yourself.
  •  You don’t need my approval or anyone else’s.
  •  Trust your gut feelings.
  •  Always ask me for what you need.
  •  Trust your intuition.
  •  There are no mistakes, only learning.
  •  You are more than your mind and emotions. They are your tools to learn about your place in the world.
  •  You are unique. Nobody else is like you. Don’t be afraid to BE YOU.
  •  I will always support you and love you.
  •  I don’t know. Let’s find the answer together !
  •  I trust you.

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