empowering womenhuman psychologyLetter to All Mothers & Women - Mihaela Plugarasu, M.S.

2 August 2016

Dear Me, Mothers & Women anywhere in this world,
You are perfect and beautiful just the way you are. All decisions you have made so far were guided by the Divine within you for you to grow and learn more about yourself; you are learning that you can change the “software” that has been installed in your subconscious by your parents, caretakers and society ; you are learning that you always have a choice between living in love and living in fear; you are learning that all people in your life , however “good” or “bad” your mind may perceive them to be, are your teachers, fulfilling their own purpose of guiding you to learn a lesson, despite the pain you may feel; you are learning that you are THE BEST mother for your child, no matter the current context of your family  structure, be it a single mother, married, separated, divorced, remarried, or building a new family and a new life with your partner right now.
Your child can FEEL you. You child absorbs your love energy, from close and far away, despite geography. Space is a convention, just like time. You have the ability to transcend what may appear to be obstacles, barriers, selfish interests of others, judgments and expectations of yourself and others, and maybe above all, the fear of failure- which can be paralyzing. Every time you face a situation, an outcome, a result that is different from what you expected it to be, please remember to ask yourself ( immediately!) these  questions :

  1. Why did I CREATE this situation? 
  2. What can I LEARN from this situation?
  3. Am I open enough to RECEIVE the guidance that I need ? 

Let’s pause and deconstruct the three questions…
#1. Why did I CREATE  this situation?  
Homework: repeat every morning in front of the mirror with a loud and clear voice, at least 7 times, for 21 consecutive days: I AM THE CREATOR OF MY LIFE! Keep a pen and notepad next to the mirror so you can keep track of your days. Challenge yourself to be persistent. If you skip one day, start all over again. There are no mistakes, only new beginnings.
Believing that you are the creator of your life is the most empowering belief a human being can have. This magic belief connects you with your Higher Self- who is always  guided by LOVE and Divinity. Once you (re)connect with your heart, you connect with the Divine source of intelligence and knowledge; you will “see” your life unfolding before your eyes as if you were watching a movie. You will become the objective OBSERVER of past events , who is finally given the opportunity to understand that, all along, YOU KNEW. You knew that your past relationships were emotionally abusive; you knew that your past behaviors were self-destructive;  you knew you were not true to yourself in making decisions; you knew you were not kind to yourself by denying yourself the right ( and need) to give and receive unconditional love. You knew all along that the power to change your circumstances was in your hands… you just needed more time to learn and (re)discover who you really are: whole, strong, beautiful, kind, courageous, ambitious, determined, curious, playful, resourceful, creative, self-reliant, self-sufficient, spontaneous, grateful, smart, unique and feminine.
Believing that you are the creator of your life also translates in understanding that you have a choice between empowering yourself and giving your power away to others. Are you still feeding any hate, anger, remorse or fear ? Are you aware of your thoughts or is your mind your master? Are you lost in making scenarios in your head that start with ” If I only…, then….? or ” What if…?” Are you courageous enough to admit that the external world is a perfect reflection of your inner world? Is there any aspect of your life that is non-supportive of your Higher-Self and your life -fulfillment?  Take a pen and piece of paper and write them down NOW. Not tomorrow. Right now! Allow your inner wisdom to guide you to find out the WHY. The journey to finding out these answers will become the most rewarding, most precious and richest journey of your life. The journey will become your life!
#2. What can I LEARN from this situation? 
Homework: before you get out of bed in the morning, tell yourself  I AM GRATEFUL FOR MY WONDERFUL LIFE– every day, for the rest of your life.
Each and every experience in your life has only one purpose: to teach you something about yourself. Experiences may “disguise” themselves to be about others or life in general. However, unless you open up to receive and understand how YOU relate to that experience, you will continue to “go to school until you graduate. The repetitive  “coursework” could be in self-love, trust, selflessness, unconditional love, taking responsibility for your actions ( giving up the victim mentality), respect for self and others, non-judgement, tolerance, loyalty, discipline, self-control, joy of life… Once you decide to approach each experience as your teacher, then you progressively start learning to dis-associate yourself ( and others) from a behavior, an action, an event, and you start integrating that particular lesson or concept. You will feel how your heart opens up to new possibilities; you will feel your mind expanding beyond what humanly can seem impossible; you will feel your body changing inside and out. You will feel stronger than ever before. Nothing will seem impossible; on the contrary, you will become an agent of positive change in the lives of others, not just yours!
#3. Am I open enough to RECEIVE the guidance I need? 
Homework: before falling asleep, ask for Divine guidance with an open heart , ready to accept it with no judgement. A helpful way of asking may be this: “Dear Universe, I am ready for my life mission to reveal itself to me now.  I am guided in every step I take. Thank you.” 
The Universe is talking to you through the events you are experiencing and the relationship(s) you are having with yourself and others. You are experiencing today only what you are ready to understand and learn from. Having the awareness of your thoughts and feelings; checking in constantly with your body, intuition and inner voice is an absolute must if you want to understand the bigger purpose. Your life purpose. Your life mission. As Tony Robbins says, “the bigger the Why, the easier the How”.
We have everything we need inside ourselves  to make any change we want in our lives: to end whatever is non-supportive and non-loving; to rediscover who we truly are; to be daring and courageous; to embrace our unlimited potential to create, make a difference and love unconditionally- ourselves, our children, our partners and LIFE. 
{ Dear reader friend, please let me know how you felt when reading this letter… Did it resonate with you? Would you like to share your experience, your learnings ? What exercise above did you like the most? Would you like to suggest other practices for us to integrate in our daily routine? } 
Yours with gratitude,