conscious parentingIt Takes a “Triangle” to Raise a Child! πŸ‘ͺ

13 November 2021

Hello, dear conscious parentπŸ’Ÿ

You’ve heard of this before: “It takes a village to raise a child!”- which is 100% true.
Today, I propose to you: It takes a triangle to raise a child!

Imagine a triangle with 3 equal sides & 3 equal angles (60 degrees to be exact). It is a perfect geometric form because each side supports the other. In conscious parenting, these 3 sides are: MIND + BODY + RELATIONSHIPS. When these areas of attention in our life support each other, we create a sustainable source of connection, communication, and trust with our children.

Here are few suggestions for you to start investing in each of these areas:


  • pay attention to your triggers- that’s your holy grail of old pain and trauma begging you to heal and integrate;
  • cultivate a growth mindset for yourself and your children;
  • meditate or/ and journal daily;
  • write a gratitude list every evening before going to bed;
  • cultivate self-compassion when negative self-talk kicks in;
  • read more, watch less TV;
  • take digital detoxing breaks regularly ( no phones, no social media for 48 hours, for example);
  • stay in silence for 12-24 hours at least 3 times/ year;
  • work with a coach or a therapist if you were a vicitim of sexual abuse, witnessed domestic violence, had an alcoholic or narcissistic parent.


  • eat clean, unprocessed foods;
  • have a dominantly plant-based diet;
  • sleep 8-9 hours / night;
  • pay attention to your breath when you feel stressed;
  • exercise daily in some form;
  • spend time outside in the sun;
  • take breaks for fun and relaxation;
  • dance;
  • smile often;
  • do one task at the time.


  • invest in people who are honest and kind;
  • be honest and kind;
  • invest in your social relationships;
  • make time for friends;
  • let go of people who are toxic, self-centered, and superficial;
  • apologise when you “messed up”;
  • ask for help;
  • give & receive;
  • volunteer;
  • create a support system of friends, helpers, paid caregivers so you are never alone in the work of parenting.

Make a habit of checking in with yourself regularly to see if you live in alignment with your answers. When you live an authentic life, your children will too. If you need support in doing this work, join my program, The Conscious Parent Accelerator.