conscious parentingInterview with a Mom in My Program (#1)

4 March 2023

We, parents, often have a hard time asking for help or admitting that we need help. Therefore, I decided to interview the parents in my program, and this week I am sharing what this MOM wrote to me, UNEDITED:

How do you describe Mihaela?

Mihaela is very good at anticipating questions and issues I can’t see. She’s very clear when she explains the reasons behind my son’s behavior in a way that I can understand. In a way, she translates for me what’s happening to my son, which he can’t put into words. It’s as if she understands him better than me!

What do you get out of working with Mihaela?

After a session with Mihaela, I have a lot of clarity about what to do next, and what not to do! Her advice in many cases has been the exact opposite of what I had been getting before joining the program, and hers actually works!! I get ideas about how to talk to my son or how to help him talk to me. She’s a trained listener too, and that changes everything for me. It’s not only about my son, it’s also about me.

How long have you been working with Mihaela?

3 years.

Looking back since you started the program, how many coaching sessions did you attend in a year?

I’ve been attending the coaching sessions almost once a week, except when on holidays. Sometimes I’d join a session without a specific question or issue, and while at it, something would come up. Sometimes it springs based on somebody else’s situation, and sometimes it’s when reviewing the previous week. She will point out things that I could have easily dismissed as unimportant, but they made the whole difference after I addressed them with my son.

How much money would you have paid so far if  you were to pay per session for the support you received from Mihaela? Think back from when you  started the program until now.

I have no idea how much a therapist would have charged weekly, but let’s say 52 sessions x 3 years… it’s a lot of money. Add to that my own support! I could save on my own therapist too!

How do you describe your parenting/ relationship before joining Mihaela’s program?

My son was completely disconnected, almost on the spectrum, and I was seeing therapist after therapist with virtually no results. His performance at school was going down. The relationship with the father was very difficult; my son was very confused.

How do you describe your parenting/relationship after joining Mihaela’s program?

While there’s not much I can do about the father’s relationship with my son, I am able now to support my son through their relationship. I can actually connect with him now, he’s super responsive and his confidence and self-esteem are growing. My son relies on me fully as the safe parent, which he couldn’t do before. My son feels safe with me even when I’m not there during the visits. He’s more independent and is starting to see for himself. I know now how to be there for him and support him better.

What  do you get out of the weekly coaching sessions?

I get ongoing support and careful follow-up on the big issues, but paying attention to the small tell-tale details that happen every day. I used to think that it wasn’t necessary to do weekly sessions after a while, but as my son is growing up and the challenges change. I can see why it’s important to attend the sessions. It’s supportive also for me as a parent.

What are the strengths of Mihaela’s program?

One of the strengths of the program is that the content is well developed and easily available online. I have reviewed past sessions when I felt the need, as I was peeling away the onion layers. Another strength, the one I value the most, are the coaching sessions, because without them I would have forgotten everything I learned in the training. It’s the chance to put it into practice when needed, with support.

What are the weaknesses of Mihaela’s program? What can she do better?

I think she should charge more, or limit the coaching sessions for future clients.

Do you have friends with children (other parents) who might need Mihaela’s help?

Yes, and I always recommend her. Not many people are willing to recognize they need help with their children though…. adults tend to think their kids need help, but it’s actually the parents. Not many parents want to commit to the sessions for that reason. But no pain, no gain! Unless you commit the time and the work, there’s no benefit.

How much money is this program worth to you? Put a price tag on it.

It’s invaluable. Especially the ongoing support. I can’t put a tag on it.

Anything  else you want to tell Mihaela? Anything that she forgot to ask?

Sometimes I feel that I’m taking advantage by still getting support after such a long time in the program. Thank you Mihaela!!!!!

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