conscious parentingI Hear You, I See You!

10 September 2022

This week is less about how-to’s, and more about you being seen, heard and understood.

I Hear You. I See You. You are not alone.

This is for all parents who are struggling with the other parent, be it still married or already separated/divorced.
If you are co-parenting with a non-supportive, high-conflict or absent other parent, you are having a tough time. Life is not easy right now.  You and your children are affected, disoriented and in pain, no matter how hard you’re trying to mend the damage.

I Hear You. I See You. You are not alone.
Psychological and emotional damage is long-lasting, impactful and profound. It is also invisible. Hard to prove. Hard to explain. Hard to live.

It is not your fault. I Hear You. I See You. You are not alone.

Depending on your current situation, make sure you are taking all safety measures for yourself and your children. Safety includes physical, emotional, psychological and mental.

  • Read last week’s article for a list of specific tips for self-care and connection/repair with your children.
  • Talk to a trusted friend, therapist or counselor.
  • Please, do not isolate yourself.
  • Do not let shame push you into secrecy.
  • Ask for help wherever you can.

I Hear You. I See You. You are not alone. Sending you Love. 

Testimonial from a mom in my program:

When I initially connected with Mihaela, I was not sure what to expect. I was trying to heal from a difficult divorce from a narcissist, dealing with the aftermath of broken pieces, all while trying to keep it together for my 5 year old daughter.  I didn’t know how to handle the extreme aggressive outbursts, excessive tantrums, and what seemed like disrespectful disobedience coming from my baby.  I felt defeated and not equipped enough to handle it.

Working with Mihaela made me realize that those episodes were my daughter’s cries for help. She is feeling the effects of the divorce as well because she is so young that she doesn’t know how to handle it. Mihaela has been amazing. She has challenged me to see things from a different perspective. She has helped me to realize a lot of the frustration or anger I was experiencing from others is just a mirror of what work I need to do, but most importantly she has helped me create a stronger bond with my daughter. I have learned better ways to deal with  my emotions which in turn helps me to help my daughter with hers.

Mihaela is intelligent, challenging, thought provoking, caring, passionate, and supportive.

I highly recommend Mihaela and her Conscious Parenting program. Thank you, Mihaela for your continued support and guidance! Words cannot express enough the value you have provided to me and my daughter!”