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17 April 2021

Hello, dear conscious parent 💟!

Our children are our spiritual teachers. As parents, we must guide them in navigating a complex system of thoughts, emotions and social interactions in order for them to grow into confident, resilient and authentic adults.

Today I want to talk about a different perspective in conscious parenting: how to introduce mindful practices into your child’s life early on. These practices will pave the way into teaching your child to be receptive (and connected) to a higher intelligence.

Here are my TOP 3 practices for any age:

1. Say a gratitude mantra together every day, as a ritual. Morning or evenings are most potent. Make it short and simple, using words that your child can understand. You say it first, and you invite your child to repeat after you. Ignore the inevitable imperfections your child will say. Don’t correct and don’t lecture.

Here’s an example: “Thank you, God/Universe/ Higher Power, for my wonderful life and my wonderful self. Thank you for my [toys, family and friends] and for all the love that I feel in my heart.” Place your hand on your heart when you say that.

2. Invite your child to locate emotions in the body. During an upset, a disappointment or a highly tensed situation ( such as a test or a fight with a friend), ask your child: Where do you feel your anger/sadness/fear in the body? Give comfort to your child by staying close to them and by listening to whatever they are telling you. Do not interrupt or correct. “Getting it right” is not important in the moment; inviting your child to feel their own body in moments of stress is. Eventually, this will create a healthy habit of body scanning that is at the core of mindfulness.

3. Remind your child to focus on the breath when things get hard, especially when they feel confused, trapped, helpless, out of time, out of choices, angry or anxious. You must practice conscious breathing yourself. So, when you feel overwhelmed or angry, you can say out loud: “I will take time now to slow down my breathing and to pay attention to my breath. (1-2-3-4, as you slowly inhale and exhale for at least 3-4 minutes). This will help my brain relax a little.” Remember that children don’t do what we tell them to do, but what we model for them.

By introducing these practices early, you pave the way for your child to live a full life in the awareness that he/she is a part of a bigger universe that has meaning. Let me know how it goes on our Facebook page (click here)

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