conscious parentingNewsHappy 2021! What’s Your Intention as a Parent?

26 December 2020

Hello, dear conscious parent 💟…

We are 7 days away from stepping into 2021. If you celebrated Christmas, and the craziness of planning and shopping is over (hopefully!), I invite you to pause and reflect on your INTENTION for 2021 because nothing happens in our lives without an intention for change and growth. Few questions to help you start this reflection are:

1. What can I do to increase my own levels of well-being? Be specific and keep it clear. Pick one or two things only. Examples are: enrol in a yoga class once a week; start therapy; run 1 mile every morning; journal for 5 minutes every evening before bedtime; join a support group; make a green smoothie every day for breakfast; etc.

2. What can I do to improve my relationship with my partner? If you are not in a couple relationship, flip the question and ask: What can I do to improve my relationship with myself? In actuality, we are always in a relationship with ourselves first, and only secondarily with our partner. Be specific and keep it clear. Pick one thing only because relationships are complex by nature and we don’t want to overwhelm ourselves and then give up. Examples are: learn a new communication technique that is safe and connecting like “mirroring”; plan for time alone once a week; take a course for self-improvement; learn to be aware of bodily sensations and feelings in moments of crisis; etc

3. What can I do to improve my relationship with my child or children? As expected, we have a lot of work to do here. As conscious parents, it is our responsibility to parent/heal our inner child first, so we can parent our biological children. At a practical level, we need to improve our ABC of conscious parenting: our self-Awareness, our Be-ing present and our Connection – creating toolkit.

As you say Good-Bye to 2020, also say Good-Bye to the old ways of thinking about parenting and “how things should be”. Celebrate your resiliency and creativity in 2020, have self-compassion and give your kids extra hugs and love for handling the pandemic so bravely. Time has come for all of us to aim for INTEGRATION, with ourselves and the world, and we can only do that through an elevated state of consciousness.

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