conscious parentingDads Are Important- Happy Father’s Day 2023 + FREE COURSE

17 June 2023

On June 18, we celebrate Father’s Day in the United States. I work with many divorced moms, which means that I hear a lot of stories about their ex-husbands/partners, the dads.

Research from The Fatherhood Project & Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital says that:

[…] a father’s emotional engagement — not the amount of time fathers spend with children, rather how they interact with them — leads to multiple positive outcomes, and serves as a significant protective factor against high risk behaviors in both girls and boys. For example:

  • More frequent father engagement in their child’s literacy and education results in higher achievement levels in reading and math for the children.
  • Positive father engagement is associated with lower levels of impulsivity, higher ratings of self-control, and better stress tolerance.
  • Fathers who become involved in school settings early in their children’s lives are more likely to stay engaged longer.”  

Emotionally engaged dads play a vital role in the development of a child’s self-esteem and self- confidence. Divorced or married, fathers’ responsibility is also to support the mom, so the child can rest in the safety of this partnership.  Conscious co-parenting is not always an easy task, especially after a divorce.
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Happy Father’s Day 2023!

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