conscious parentingConscious Parenting of Your Toddler - Mihaela Plugarasu, M.S.

21 July 2020

Strategies To Turn Discipline into Growth and Connection

Turn difficult moments into opportunities for connection with conscious discipline

Discover how you can communicate with your toddler to de-escalate difficult moments and connect through your bond of love. Conscious Parenting of Your Toddler teaches you the skills you need to master the art of self-reflection and self-regulation, as well as how those tools can help you better understand toddler behavior.

Start by discovering the principles of conscious discipline: what it means to be a conscious parent, how to find calm and establish a feeling of safety, and which steps to take to connect emotionally with your toddler. Afterward, learn how you can put these principles into practice with step-by-step guides to managing common behaviors and conflicts.

This guide to conscious discipline helps you:
– Master conscious discipline―Learn the five steps behind conscious parenting and how self-reflection will make you a better parent and a more caring adult.
– Understand toddler behavior―Get ahead of tantrums and disconnected behavior with proven, actionable conscious parenting advice that lets you be present for your toddler and help them feel loved.
– Take care of yourself―Do right by your child by looking inward, regulating your emotions, and practicing self-care so that you can be your best self.

Set yourself and your child up for success with the power of conscious discipline.

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