conscious parenting4 Ways to Pause & Reflect in between years

18 December 2021

Hello, dear conscious parent😍

The passage of time is undeniable and for most people, unconscious. Fortunately for me, I’ve had a spiritual coach who taught me how to reflect on and consciously integrate the lessons of each year. This process also sets the foundation for conscious receiving of the incoming new year.

We get very busy with Christmas shopping and event planning in December – at the expense of Presence and Connection with ourselves and our children. To help you not to fall victim to such empty busy-ness, I am giving you 4 simple steps to follow:


  1. Plan for Alone Time (1-2 hours) sometime between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Find a quiet space where you can sit down and write. Bring a notepad and a pen. Be comfortable.
  2. Start with a short 5-10 minute meditation. Look up on YouTube a guided meditation, such as Body Scan Meditation, Breath Meditation or Loving Kindness Meditation. Settle in your body and in the present moment.
  3. Start reflecting on these questions and statements, one by one, with no rush. Whatever comes to you intuitively is probably your highest truth. Don’t judge it. Simply write. The questions and statements are:
  • What did 2021 teach me as a parent?
  • What did my children teach me in 2021?
  • What was the emotional signature of 2021 for me as a parent?
  • What thoughts sabotaged me as a parent in 2021? Am I ready to become aware of these thoughts when they show up again? Can I let go of these thoughts in 2022 with acceptance and compassion for myself?
  • What is one word that describes 2021 for you?
  • If 2021 were a person, what would you say to him/her?
  • What would you have liked to Be or Have differently in 2021 in your parenting?
  • As a parent, I am grateful to myself for ……………………………….
  • I am grateful to my children for ……………………………….


1. Hold a vision for yourself for 2022. This doesn’t have to be grandiose, but it requires faith that you CAN achieve anything. Break things down into realistic goals for all aspects of your life. Remember:  “where attention goes, energy flows”. If you don’t know what you want, you can’t have it. Write at least one clear intention for these aspects of your life:

  • parenting
  • romance / love / couple
  • social life and friendships
  • fun, leisure and hobbies
  • money and career
  • personal development / spiritual growth
  • giving back, volunteerism and community

2. Every 90 days, revisit your vision. Read what you wrote, add or remove as you feel, but stay connected to the VISION. Nobody   will hold this vision for you except you! Enjoy!

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My husband and I are going through a very difficult journey concerning his health, we have a 5 year old son and wanted to find someone who could support us as we navigate these tricky waters. Working with Mihaela has been an absolute blessing, we feel seen, heard and held in such love and possibility. She has provided a collection of valuable tips and tools that have made us feel more confident as parents, in just a few short sessions we’ve seen the shifts. Her depth of knowledge is profound and the passion she exudes has made this a unique and beautiful experience!