conscious parenting3 Things Children (really) Need from Us!

24 July 2021

Hello, dear conscious parent 💟!

When we become parents, the chemistry of our brain changes. We love our children deeply and we want “what’s best” for them: best education, best sports teams, best clothes, best house, best friends, best babysitters, best vacations, etc. However, if this were enough, we wouldn’t have the unprecedented mental health crisis we have today in the United States.

Many books have been written on the theory of attachment; the need for emotional and psychological safety in children; and the urgency for parents to make sense of their own past. In a nutshell, conscious-parenting is trauma-informed parenting. That’s why, the 3 things children really need from us are:


A deep understanding of our own mental and emotional inner world; being able to self-regulate when triggered; having clear boundaries for ourselves and others; knowing our worth and place in the world. (also, read my article titled “Know Your Triggers“)


A keen ability to stay present in the moment, moment by moment; being able to live “in the now” without the unconscious burden of expectations, judgements, regrets or projections.

A deep understanding of how connection works; how the brain of the child works; having the tools and the mental & emotional availability to hold your child in a safe container when emotions take over so healing can take place.

None of these skills are taught in schools or in the media. Most of us did not have parents with these skills, which means nobody modelled them for us. Therefore, it becomes our responsibility to self-educate.

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